choosing the perfect outfit

Your outfit will make a huge difference to your photos so choose something that suits your personality and your brand. There is no need to spend a fortune on clothes either. Make sure your clothes suit your body type and fit well. Simpler is better but feel free to add a pop of colour to add some personality and flair. Keep your skin tone and hair in mind when choosing an outfit as contrasting colours make for some of the best photos. Want to see what you might look like in photos in a certain outfit? Take a few selfies to decide what works and what doesn’t. 

Tips for the Ladies

  • Avoid baggy clothing
  • Stay away from clothing with logos and wording
  • Avoid wearing intense colours or busy prints
  • Choose the right undergarments

Tips for the gentlemen

  • Avoid wearing any items with logos or wording unless it’s part of your branding
  • If you are wearing a suit, it should be tailored
  • Your shirt should be fitting. 
  • Clothing that’s too big adds weight so opt go for something that’s slightly smaller to avoid the sloppy look
  • A tie isn’t always necessary but bring one along anyway
  • Ensure that your undershirt is not visible


If you really want to make your photos stand out, I suggest you have a professional assist you with your hair and makeup. Opt for a hairstyle that adds body and volume to your hair. Extensions can be used if necessary or desired.