Express branding package

$880 inc GST

Ditch the "just-okay" photoshoots and step into the spotlight with this package. It's designed for busy bosses like you who want high-quality pics without the drama of extended shoots and sky-high prices.

Here's how we make you Insta-famous in just 2 hours:

  • Studio or Sunset? You Decide: Whether you prefer the sleek vibes of a studio or the golden glow of an outdoor location, we'll create a setting that matches your brand's unique flavour.
  • Pre-Shoot Power Chat: Before we click, we'll chat about your vision, brainstorm killer poses, and pick outfits that scream "you." Need an outfit change to show off your versatility? No problem, honey!
  • 20 Professionally Retouched Images, delivered via an online gallery.

Want to level up the glow? Add glam hair & makeup or captivating content creation as an extra treat. Just imagine the possibilities!

* Does not include travel outside of Sunshine Coast.

TOTAL Image Glow-Up

$2500 + GST

This is a bespoke experience designed to take your personal brand from "meh" to "OMG, who is that radiant human?!" We're talking about strategically boosting your image, both for business and beyond. Need content? I got you! This is not your average half-day package. This package is your one stop shop for months worth of photo and videos to spruce up your socials.

Here's how we make you the envy of the Insta-famous:

Total time: Up to 4 hours

Pre-Shoot Planning Party: Ditch the stuffy consultations! We'll chat, brainstorm, and create a game plan that makes your shoot dreams a reality. We'll cover hair, makeup, outfits, poses, and even create a shot list that captures your unique fire.

Hair & Makeup Makeover Magic: Our glam squad isn't just about making you look good (although, trust us, you'll be lookin' FINE). They'll unlock your inner confidence and have you feeling like a total boss throughout the entire shoot (90 minutes of pure pampering!).

Behind the Scenes: Your Secret Story: We'll have a camera ninja capturing all the cool, behind-the-scenes moments of your transformation. Think exclusive content for your socials that'll leave your followers begging for more.

Up to 40 Professionally Retouched Images + Video for Reels: We're talking style, we're talking substance, and we're talking content that will level up your PR, marketing, and social media presence like nobody's business.

This isn't just a photoshoot, it's an investment in YOU. It's your chance to shine brighter than ever and become the iconic leader you were always meant to be.

The FULL Day Empowerment Package


Forget boring photoshoots, this is a transformational experience designed to catapult your brand into the stratosphere! Forget just "redefining" your brand, we're talking about building a content fortress that'll dominate marketing, websites, and social media like never before.

Here's how we turn you into a branding queen:

Total Time: Up to 8 hours

Location: I will help you source a beautiful location for the day.

Deep Dive Consultation: We don't just shoot pictures, we dive into your brand's soul. We'll uncover your values, aspirations, and what makes you tick, then craft a strategic plan to make your visuals tell your unique story. After this session you will be empowered with a solid plan for your upcoming shoot complete with wardrobe selection, a library of poses and a mood board.

Hair & Makeup Magic: Our skilled artist will work their magic, enhancing your natural beauty while creating looks that perfectly match your brand's vibe. Think "powerful CEO" or "creative entrepreneur," but way more glamorous! She will be there for the day so you can change the look at any time.

2 Hours of B-Roll Videography: A skilled videographer will capture captivating footage of your brand in action, showcasing your team, products, and services in their natural environment. This b-roll footage will add depth and dimension to your brand video, making it even more engaging and impactful.

Behind the Scenes with the Content Creator: Want to show your audience the real you? We've got a dedicated content creator capturing all the cool moments and crafting Instagram reels that'll make your followers beg for more.

Content library complete 80+ High-Res Images and Video: Prepare to download a jaw-dropping collection of 80+ professionally retouched, high-end images and a library of clips.

Ready to unleash your brand's inner rockstar and build a content empire that dominates the online world? Book your Empowerment Empire package today and get ready to shine brighter than a diamond-encrusted disco ball!

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